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Lise Cuenot et Mathilde Rougnon-Glasson (EGC Franche Comté) à la Hochschule de Furtwangen

stage australie

ERASMUS students At the Hochschule Furtwangen University

How do you like your university? What are your general impressions?

It’s a great university, everything is made available to students to learn in good conditions. The student life is really active and cool. They do everything to welcome Erasmus students. There are a lot of student’s associations and they always organize something, it’s very dynamic.

How easy or difficult what is it to choose your modules/courses?

You have many courses which are interesting, so it’s difficult to make a decision!

You have 3 weeks to attend all the courses you want and then you have to register for the courses. We have to validate 30 ECTS, which represents only 10 courses. The choice is big and the courses are very interesting.

Ce programme a passé son grand oral